How To Prepare Your Patio For The Warm Season?

Winter has come and gone here in beautiful San Antonio, and the heat is back! This season is an exciting time as the flowers begin to bloom, the outdoor enthusiasts are hitting the trails, and most importantly, the pools are reopening. With that being said, it’s time to get your backyard looking like a million bucks again for all of the events and memories that are sure to take place in the upcoming months. So it’s time to dust off that patio furniture and get to work making your backyard more than simply a yard, but a sought out destination for relaxation and fun with family and friends. If you find your backyard needs an upgrade this year, reach out to Wooden Duck — San Antonio’s Top Rated Local® pool installation and repair company for your pool and backyard design needs.


To help simplify your preparation for spring cleaning the patio area, we’ve developed an all-inclusive guide here at Wood Duck Pool And Patio to get you started.

Check for Needed Repairs

The temperature fluctuations and other conditions that come along with San Antonio winters can put your backyard’s hardscape and retainer walls through a good deal of stress. You’ll want to take the time to give your concrete, brick, stone, and other surfaces a good look-over for any cracks and sunken areas where water might have collected. If you see some areas that need repaired or touched up, reach out to our backyard design and repair experts at Wooden Duck. We can give you a concrete idea (pun intended) of what to expect and what all needs to be done. You may only need to have minor repairs completed such as resealing pavers or re-sanding joints. Although, if you notice uneven pavers, this could, in turn, point to a structural issue that could require a more in-depth repair such as resurfacing.

Give The Patio Some Spring Cleaning

Even if you might be getting a late start to your Spring cleaning, this is the next step once concluding that your patio is still in good shape and prepared for the upcoming seasons. The majority of the built-up dirt and dust on your patio can be handled by simply spraying down with the hose. More stubborn items like moss might require a good pressure washing though. We also recommend pressure washing to give your patio hardscape that “like new” look again as it can be faded from sunlight and dirt over time.

Prepare Your Patio Furniture

Your patio furniture is equally as important as your patio itself in the grand scheme of backyard prep. Whether it is furniture pulled back out from storage or furniture that embraced the winter, you will want to check for cracks, sharp edges, and insects that might have made home to your furniture during the winter months. After inspecting, wash the furniture and cushions with a hose, cloth, or a vacuum depending on the material involved. Most patio furniture comes with a manufacturer’s cleaning guide if you happened to hold onto it.

Give Your Plants Some TLC

A patio is never complete without some beautiful vegetation to compliment it. For your potted plants that will be early-bloomers, you will want to use bleach to disinfect and remove harmful bacteria from your pots. Next, fully rinse your pots so no bleach is left behind to upset your plants and refill them with fresh soil. If you are curious about new vegetation possibilities to add to your yard’s aesthetic, get a free consultation from a landscape design expert at Wood Duck.

Reinvigorate Your Look

After your patio, furniture, and plants are cleaned up nicely and ready to take on the warm months, you can have some fun updating your backyard design with new cushions, upholstery, furniture, and more. Design your outdoor space your way so that it adds comfort for you and your family to spend more time together.